Windhof, Luxembourg, 17th January 2022 – ENG Group Soparfi S.A. confirms its strategy of investing in innovative companies with high potential and acquires a stake in SEABER.

Founded in June 2020 by 4 partners with more than 15 years of experience in the design of underwater drones, oceanographic instrumentation and mobile robotics, the Lorient-based start-up SEABER has developed an innovative range of micro-AUVs (autonomous underwater vehicles) and is breaking new ground in a rapidly expanding international market. Capable of carrying various sensors for oceanographic research and environmental monitoring, the YUCO range is perfectly adapted to operate in coastal areas, which are sometimes difficult to access, thanks to its small size (90 cm), low weight (less than 10 kg), high reliability, navigation precision and ease of deployment.

"By entering the capital of SEABER as the first shareholder, ENG Group makes the choice to support and accompany the development of solutions that are both innovative and virtuous, capable of meeting the main expectations of the market and the environmental challenges we face", according to Eric Engelborghs, founder and CEO of the Luxembourg Group.

For example, the YUCO-CTD can measure information on water temperature and salinity, which are good indicators of thermodynamics and the impact of global warming on coastal areas. The YUCO-PHYSICO, deployed for trials in the St. Lawrence River estuary in Canada to track rhodamine tracers, opens the way to an innovative method of monitoring pollutants in hydrodynamic environments. The YUCO-SCAN is ideal for bathymetric surveys in poorly accessible areas.

According to Vidal Teixeira, co-founder and CEO of SEABER, "ENG GROUP's participation in SEABER's capital goes beyond financial investment. Its strong network, especially in the Middle East and Africa, is a valuable asset for the development of our international commercial network in the field of oceanography."


Vidal Teixeira – vidal@seaber.fr

About ENG Group Soparfi S.A.

Founded in 2014 by Eric Engelborghs, the ENG Group is specialised in tangible investments and operates today in Europe, the Middle East and Africa around three major activities:

  • Trading and storage of gold, diamonds & precious goods through its subsidiary SWS, an official licensed operator in free zone, recognised by the Luxembourg customs authorities.
  • Support & investment through participations in high potential companies
  • Luxury real estate.


SEABER is an innovative company that designs and manufactures highly reliable micro-AUVs for research and commercial applications. With years of experience and a shared obsession with robotics and marine technology, the SEABER team is using its skills and knowledge to develop a micro-AUV that meets the specific needs of ocean researchers, convinced that the future of ocean exploration belongs to fleets of many small, agile and affordable AUVs. SEABER takes measurement further with the first micro-AUV that combines efficiency, robustness and ease of use.