Founded in 2014 in Luxembourg by Eric Engelborghs, ENG Group is a private investment group operating in Europe and Middle-East in three main activities:

  1. Gold, diamond & precious goods trading and storage
  2. Luxury real estate
  3. Acquisition of shares and support for companies with high potential

Executive Committee and Management team:


Eric Engelborghs

Founder and President of ENG Group

25 years experience in investment banking. Perfect command of all Back to Front processes. Key account supervisor at the Bank of New York Mellon. Various management positions in financial and real estate investment companies. Specialized in the acquisition and storage of valuable assets in highly secure locations for institutional, HNWI and family office clients,...


Antoine Tchiss

Member of the Board and Chief Finance Officer

20 years experience in corporate and investment banking, retail banking. Perfect command of all processes. Back to Front. Expert in finance and banking regulation.


Joanna Manka

Member of the Board and Chief Administrative Officer

18 years of experience in administration, logistics, operations, human resources management with large companies. Compliance Officer.


Nadine Mareschal

Member of the Board and Chief Operating Officer

20 years experience in strategy, operational planning, launch, development and global management of businesses. Expertise in performance management and process optimisation. Various general management and marketing positions, mainly in large international groups.


Jean-Michel Faure

EMEA Sales Director

25 years experience as a sales executive in the financial and insurance sector. Various experiences in international business development. Experience in business and operational intelligence.


Jeff Ait Hamou

Business Development Director

30 years of experience in banking expertise and financial consulting. Former Director of the Crédit Populaire d'Algérie. Banking and financial consultant, intermediary for large foreign groups wishing to establish themselves in Algeria. Expert in lobbying, of which he masters the techniques and the functioning, in particular with large banks and other investment organisations.


Jean-Denis Larradet

Business Development Director

25 years of experience in profit centre management, strategy development and team management. Expertise in educational engineering, project management, training and field support. Various positions in operational management, business and middle management in innovative companies leading on their market.